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What I do

As a business coach-consultant (aka strategist) I empower badass women entrepreneurs to unleash their inner fucking Goddess!

Together WE...

 Perfect your money making mindset so that you can finally start making some mad cash

 Up-level your life AND your business!

 Implement powerful manifestation techniques to attract the life that you've always dreamed of

 Get down and dirty to uncover the strategies that you're using right now that aren't serving you or your business and create new ones that bring results

 Develop a badass Social Media marketing strategy that will!

 Set goals and completely blow them out of the water!

 Identify your ideal client avatar and draw them straight to your business

 Create a solid plan for you to achieve the freedom lifestyle that you crave

As someone with over 15 years of business experience, I feel called to help YOU achieve your dreams!

This is real life. This isn't fantasy. If you feel like you're caught in a escape from reality...then I feel called to show you that YOU can be in 100% control of your life and your freedom! (Kudos if you caught the song reference)

Look...regardless of what society might want you to think...we are not put on this Earth to be sleepwalking drones. Birth > School > Job > Family > Retirement > Die = boring and unfulfilled!


You are meant for so much more than that!

So if you have the drive and the calling to design your life outside of society's "norms"...then I want to talk to you!

my long ass story

In January of 2002 I started my first business...and it was a hot mess. I was all over the place.

I had no idea how target marketing worked. Had never heard of sales funnels. Wasn't on any Social Media platforms (wasn't Myspace the thang back then?). And thought that advertising in the local newspaper was THE way to get clients.

Trust me...I was all over the place from the get-go. Not surprisingly, that business was a bust.

A year later, my daughter was born and I started in on a journey that would forever change my life.

While I was blessed with an amazing daughter who had smiles for days...I also started experiencing HELL.

You see...I was in a dangerous situation. While pregnant with my daughter the abuse began. Not in a physical form, at first, but more of an emotional and mental tearing down.

I was told that I was worthless and I believed it. I was told that I was stupid and I believed it. I was told that nobody loved me or was ever going to love me and I believed it. I was told that I was never going to amount to anything and I believed it.

After she was born, the violence began. I was left with emotional and physical bruises that made me hide from the world. Having given up on my dream of being an entrepreneur I took on a shitty job, with shitty pay, and an even shittier boss.

I ended up having my hours cut drastically because I couldn't make it into work. Not that I wasn't physically capable of working, but I was so terrified that people would ask questions and judge me because of the bruises that became a part of my everyday life.

I was lost. I felt stuck. I had no one to turn to. Even some of the people closest to me suggested that it was all my fault. I mean...if I could just stop making him angry. If I could just be nice. If I could watch my tone, my words, my body language...then the violence would stop.


But no matter what I continued. Once, all I did was ask for help changing a propane tank and was told that I was nothing more than a worthless piece of shit...and again, I believed him.

My life was going nowhere fast and I feared every day that it might be my last.

Then...something miraculous happened. In 2009, I discovered a book called The Secret.

Before then, I had no idea that manifestation was even a thing. And as desperate as I was, the book inspired me to change my fucking life!

I started researching the shit out of manifestation and mindset techniques. I applied every single one that I could to my daily routines. I mastered riffing, journaling, visualizing, etc. And I finally began to feel like there was hope.

Less than a month after I started my manifesting journey...I got a call. My brother, who lived 2500 miles away, wanted me to come live with him. So I packed a U-Haul, my daughter, my mom, and my cat and left behind the life of domestic violence.

I realized that I had done that. I manifested a life without domestic violence, and I became empowered by what I was able to accomplish.

And that's when I started my second business. This time wasn't as bad as the first time. I was able to gain clients, perfect my marketing strategy, and even win a few local business awards. But truthfully...I grew arrogant. I stopped practicing the manifestation techniques that I had learned, made some stupid business decisions, and brought on a business partner who had ZERO business experience.

I'm sure you know what's coming...but that business also failed.

When I finally took a long hard look at my life, I didn't like what I saw. But I was bound and determined not to return to the life that I had successfully left behind, so I made a plan.

  1. I was going to learn everything I could about running a successful business (so the next day I applied to business school)
  2. I was going to learn from some of the best (so I brought on business mentors and coaches)
  3. I was going to focus on my weak areas and make them my strengths (so I took on a customer service position while I finished up college)
  4. And I was going to become a successful entrepreneur.

Since then I've started 2 businesses (both of which have been successful). I graduated at the top of my class with 2 business degrees. I have my own property, a nice car, and have created a freedom lifestyle for myself and my daughter.  

And NOW I have made it my mission to help other women get there too!

Look...I don't have all of the answers. And I would be a shitty coach if I pretended to.


But what I do have is experience. A LOT of experience. I am able to dig deep into your business and pin point your pain points and what's holding you back.

I have perfected my ability to see things that other people can't see. Ever since I was a young girl I could find patterns where other people saw none. I obsessed over problem solving and making things better. My life motto is "There's nothing that can't be fixed". It's all about mindset and the ability to think outside of the box!

If you're tired of struggling with your business and want to FINALLY gain the financial freedom to live your life by your own design, then schedule your FREE discovery call now!