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 Are you struggling to find clients, get noticed, and make money?

 Do you envision a FREEDOM lifestyle, but don't know how to get there?

 Are you tired of trying to figure out what tasks you should be working on, when you should be working on them, and which ones actually matter?

 Do you struggle with self confidence and fear of failure?

 Are you constantly getting in your own damn way?

 Are you looking for a coach who actually has business experience? And degrees? And is actually practicing what she preaches?

 Are you ready to transform your business from ho-hum to KICKASS?!?

dont waste another second


"Jenn is awesome! She definitely knows what she's talking about. Pointed out brilliant ideas for me regarding my business growth and helped me figure out what my next steps should be. I'm very satisfied with her services and definitely will recommend her to my friends in business,"

~ Bianca Barron

Look...I've been there.

I know what it's like to struggle and not have clarity in my business.

Over 15 years ago I started my first business, and it was a total flop.

I was all over the place.

I had no business experience, no guidance, and no fucking clue what I was doing!

I struggled to gain clients, make money and live the freedom lifestyle that I had dreamed about.

BUT I was determined.

I set out to learn anything and everything I could about running a profitable business.

I sought help from some of the best mentors a girl could ask for.

People who were doing what I wanted to do!

And my business took off.

Within a few short months I was making 5 figures a month!

For years I watched as my monthly revenue kept growing. ecstatic as I was about the money...

I knew that I wasn't living my purpose.

I knew that my purpose for even existing on this planet was to help people who are where I was.

My purpose


"Working with Jenn has been a blast! If you need someone super cool to work with and who gets you those freaking results, then work with her NOW before she's booked out!"

~ Tracey Meyer, Course Dezine


I'm here for you...

Everything that I have learned, every process that I have perfected, every dollar that I have made...

HELL...even my 2 business degrees...

EVERYTHING was done so that I could live my purpose...

Serving YOU!

Teamwork to make the dream work...amiright? Let's...


 Develop a kickass mindset routine to get you aligned with the universe and your inner-fucking Goddess

 Improve your self confidence

 Create a personalized roadmap for YOUR business

 Perfect how you manifest money into your life

 Create a strategic Social Media marketing plan

 Get you clear on your ideal client and branding

 Perfect your copy + networking to sell the shit out of your products/services!

 Get you strong and empowered to finally charge what you're worth!


This 3 month program is perfect for:


 The badass lady boss who's ready to up-level her business and finally start making 5-6 figure months!

 The Goddess who needs a clear plan of action + milestones to take her business to the next level

 The new business owner who wants to ensure that she is off to a SUPER strong start by putting mindset + business strategy in place immediately

 The overly exhausted female entrepreneur who wants to master business processes + manifestation techniques

What you'll get...


 8 1:1 strategy calls to be spread out within a 3 month period

 50 page workbook with daily manifesting + mindset practices

 Clarity on who your ideal client is and how to market to them

 20 pages of journaling prompts, affirmations, and meditation focal points.

 Large scale mindset shifting to get you back in alignment

 A safe + non-judgmental place to vent, cry, struggle and gain guidance for pushing past your mindset blocks

 A detailed marketing plan template for creating killer results in your business

 Unlimited email access during the 3 month period

 Expert analysis on your copy + website + marketing plan + branding

 Business systems strategy template

 Positive emotional support for all of the amazing and big things that you'll be launching


your investment


(3 monthly payments of $1000 OR 1 $2700 payment if paid in full)

*Only available to US based entrepreneurs

frequently asked questions

 Do you guarantee results?


Real Talk for a moment: while I provide you with the support, knowledge, systems, and strategies...I cannot provide you with the drive and dedication to apply the information that I give you to your business. That's all internal. And that's all on you, girl! So, no, unfortunately I cannot guarantee results.


What I can guarantee is a kickass support system, a ton of business strategies for upping your game, and a complete dedication to you to see you have got to do the rest! I love you, but it's true.


 Do you offer refunds?


With the 3 month coaching program I offer a short refund period that lasts from the day that we have our initial discovery call to the date of your first actual coaching call (typically 7 days). After that amount of time, a refund is only available on a pro-rated basis and will have the cost of the infoproducts provided at the start of the coaching deducted from the refund amount.


 How long are the coaching sessions?


Each one is typically 45 minutes. However, I do block out 1 hour for each session in the event that 45 minutes just doesn't cut it.


 Does everybody go through the same 3 month program, or is it personalized?


Oh girl, it's totally personalized! I would feel like a sleaze ball if I tried to tell you that all that you would need is this ONE strategy to rock your business. I've heard that before, and it's total bullshit. Every business is different and what might work for one person won't work for another. No...we will DIG deep into your business, into your mindset, and into your current standing and we will create the best program for you!


 Why do you only work with US based entrepreneurs?


For two reasons: 1...Time Zones are a killer. I'm in the PST and many countries are 12 hours or more ahead of me. I don't know about you...but chatting at 4 am doesn't sound like a good time to me. 2...I do my sessions over the phone. Yes, there are platforms like Skype, but sometimes sessions can get emotional and messy while we clear the blocks that you have with money. And's more comfortable to be vulnerable without a camera all up in your face and someone thousands of miles away witnessing the watery mascara pools forming on your shirt.